Are You Prepared For Laundry Day 2016?

Dear Members of De Was,
Our washing machines are almost plugged in and ready to tumble. Tomorrow it’s finally time to end the summer together! We’ll do this with a big wash to celebrate the 19th edition of Laundry Day!
We are very happy to welcome you on our beautiful festival ground, the Middenvijver, nearby the city center of Antwerp! We’ve gathered all the practical info you need, so you’ll be all set up to do laundry with us at Laundry Day 2016.


Laundry Day 2016
2050 Antwerp (Linkeroever)
Check ‘Route’ below for more specific info on how to get to Laundry Day. Very important ! We have some nice suggestions how to get to Antwerp, to enjoy the festival till’ the end, and get back home wherever you live in Flanders!


Do you want to travel in a quick and easy way to Laundry Day and get the same way back home? Then you go by train, of course!
You don’t want to miss anything of the festival and enjoy Laundry Day till the last beat? Well, Laundry Day and NMBS/SNCB have got the perfect solution for you. Take a NIGHT TRAIN home! There are 3 night trains departing from Antwerp Central Station with destinations Oostende, Roeselare and Genk. You can buy an e-train ticket to Laundry Day only online on at the price of 22,50 EUR, regardless of the distance you travel by train.
So, come by train from whatever station in Belgium and get back home by train when the festival is completely finished.  The 3 night trains leave Antwerp Central Station at about 02h00 at night, so no need to rush after the last beats of the festival. A tram will take you from the festival to the station in 12 minutes time. So … enjoy the festival till’ the end and get home before dawn.
All info and conditions on
From Antwerp Central Station, there is an easy subway-connection to Linkeroever (Middenvijver). It’s a 10 minute ride.
Subway 3              (direction Zwijndrecht)
Subway 5              (direction Linkeroever)
Subway 9              (direction Linkeroever)
Subway 15           (direction Linkeroever)
Hop off on subway-station P+R Linkeroever right in front of the festival entrance.
We strongly advise against coming by car. The festival will much easier be reached by bike or public transport. Still a smartass & want to come by car?
Please be aware that certain streets in the proximity of the festival will be closed for traffic. Inhabitants will receive the necessary passes so they can enter / leave the street whenever needed. 
From the direction E17 Gent
Take exit 16 – Kruibeke and go left. Follow the signs ‘parking Laundry Day’.
From the direction E313 Hasselt – E34 Turnhout – A12 Brussels – E19 Brussels
Take R1 in Antwerp in the direction Brugge/Rotterdam. Take exit 7 to the Charles de Costerlaan. At the traffic lights, turn right and follow the signs “Parking Laundry Day”.
From the direction Antwerp city centre
Take the Waaslandtunnel (Konijnenpijp) in the direction of Gent. At the traffic lights turn left and follow the signs “Parking Laundry Day”.
Park & Ride
If you want to park for free, use one of the Park & Rides around Antwerp. After the festival extra trams will bring you to P&R Melsele or P&R Keizershoek. Upon arrival, take tram 3 to the stop “P&R Linkeroever” right in front of the festival entrance.
(Please notice: The tram ticket is NOT included in your festival ticket)
We provide a very large and easy Kiss & Ride spot at the August Vermeylenlaan at Linkeroever, a 10-minute walk from the entrance of the festival. We will put up different number signs so your ‘parent-taxi-drivers’ (or whoever) can text you the number they are parked close to, waiting for you. So easy! Use it!


The minimum age is 16 years (or born in 2000). ID cards will be checked at the entrance. Entry will be refused if you don’t have an ID card with you to prove your age if not obvious. People born after 2000 are under no circumstances allowed to enter the festival, not even if you’re accompanied by an adult.


Entrance is through the main entrance of the festival. Print your E-ticket, no entrance without a printed version! To avoid queues, keep your ticket ready at the entrance.
You still can purchase tickets online via until Friday, September 2  - 22:00. If Laundry Day isn’t sold out, you still can buy regular tickets at the main entrance! But this is something we cannot guarantee right now.
Regular Ticket Holders will not receive a wristband but can buy one at the Merchandise booth for just €2! The policy for regular ticket holders is IN = IN and OUT = OUT! Once you leave the festival grounds, you are not allowed to enter again.
VIP Ticket Holders will receive a wristband at the entrance and have the possibility to enter and leave the festival grounds at all times (during opening hours of the festival)
Note: You will be refused entry as from 10 PM, even with a valid ticket.


Lockers are available at Laundry Day. These are situated on the left when you enter the festival. Share and Care is our motto, so we strongly advise to share a locker with your friends to save money and space. You’ll have to pay € 7 with an additional warrant of € 5 that will be given back when returning your key.


We hold a zero tolerance on drugs, other stimulants and dangerous objects. Forbidden : products made of glass or devices that can be used as a weapon such as umbrella’s, parasol’s, tripod for camera, selfie sticks, projectiles/explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous states, inflammable products or materials, aerosol cans, pyrotechnic objects, any weapon or sharp or bruising objects that can cause injury. Animals are not allowed.
But also anything that can disturb the peace, endanger the security or cause damage to properties/people.
Note: You are fully allowed to bring your digital camera or capture memorable snaps via mobile phone camera’s and throw away cameras. No professional cameras are allowed!


Besides dancing your ass off, washing and ironing, you’ll be thirsty and hungry throughout the day/night. You can buy food & drinks coupons at various coupon points. You can pay by card or with cash!


Luggage and backpacks are not forbidden but we advise everybody to come with no, or with only very small, or with as few as possible bags or backpacks. All bags and backpacks will be thoroughly checked by our security-team.  So the more and the bigger luggage items you bring, the longer these checks will take and the longer everybody will have to stand in line and wait before they can enjoy the festival.


Weather forecast is looking really good.  24° Celsius. No rain …. Thank you Mister Weatherman.
But, in the evening when the sun is away, temperatures can drop and it becomes really chilly.
So be prepared for this.  Bring a sweater or whatever. Of course you can also dance until you get warm!